I watch programming related to struggles with weight loss, one in particular stands out when it comes to support from loved ones and friends. Ruby. She is incredibly blessed with people that truly know how to give support. They've accepted her as a very large person and have willingly given up a tremendous amount of their personal time to support her on rough days and her memory issues. I realize she is being provided doctors, trainers and foods by the production company of the show, but regardless of that she has been extremely blessed.

I sent my husband the link to this journal and he read it this morning and was extremely supportive, encouraging and on board. I don't expect things to change over night, I know that is unrealistic, but I hope that we remain consistent this time. I'd love to be a foodie without being a foodaholic. Does that make sense?

Today, I ate small meals, but splurged on bakery bread that was already here. Only a small amount. I had my greens too, though not as much as I wanted. We need to do some shopping for good for you foods. We had left over nacho fixings so I made us a small salad sized plate with a lean turkey patty crumbled onto it, the "green" is a fresh jalapeno, I added a lot of orange tomatoes from my dads garden too. Those are yummy!
I took my vitamins after dinner, and drank extra water throughout the day.

Yes, I retrieved the shoes from the box in the closet. I placed them on a pedestal in my kitchen/nook area. Literally on a Pedestal. It's in a spot I pass by often and will see them there waiting for me to break them in. They are way cuter than I remembered. :~)

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  1. Off to a positive start :D

    I watch Ruby too ;) -we giggle everytime she says "I'm SO ASS-ited" ;)