What's on my plate...

Lately I've been making sure to eat those greens, luckily I love most of them and I'm learning to like the rest. I've been eating a lot of leafy spinach. I use it in place of lettuce on my tacos and with lettuce on my sandwiches. I also love Bell peppers and put them on sandwiches too along with cucumber and radishes.
This dish is Chicken tacos with orange tomatoes, spinach and chipotle salsa.
This dish a pasta smorgasbord including spinach and sun dried tomato pastas with Turkey meatballs. The rolls are my original recipe with garlic and rosemary added. That plate is a smaller salad plate and I did not finish it.
The next one is a monster! I think it was about 6 inches. It was loaded with veggies and so yummy. However, I love bacon and cheese 2 slices of each were on it too. :~P This time I ate the extra cucumber slices in place of chips. That bread... Oh man, shame on me. It was so good.
I also made Omelets filled with asparagus, portabellas, and mozzarella cheese. I don't think I took a picture of those. I will be making them again though because they were delicious!

This week has been enlightening. I've been taking the vitamins and drinking plenty of water. I've faltered for sure here and there. The shoes still sit on the pedestal, and I've nibbled on things that I shouldn't. I've been sick the past few days too and that always affects my desire to cook and triggers my cravings for comfort foods. The difference now is that I recognize all these things and pull back without depriving myself. To me, that is progress.

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  1. man that food looks DELISH! :D

    glad you're feeling better!!