Busy = Convenience

Convenience = Bad for you foods!
We are opening a store. There is a lot of time involved in the process. It becomes too easy to jump at convenience foods. Especially when you get to the point of not caring & just needing to eat something now.
Stress is also a big factor in this equation and there is a lot of that around lately as well. Bottom line, I have fallen back into the same easy patterns again. I have no idea how to break that cycle, nor do I have the strength right now. It's sad.
Last night as we munched on Veggie Chow Mien, I mentioned that Biggest Loser was starting again soon. My son challenged my daughter and I to get back on track during this season to see how far we get by the finale. Hmmmm. We are thinking about it. I need keep in mind the fact, that those contestants are working out up to 8 hours a day. That could be a discouraging factor in our loses compared to theirs. Especially for my daughter.

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