real food

My breakfast lately: Cherrio's, organic 2% milk, 1 sliced small apple, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. So REAL and so very good for you. It's also very delicious! Try it in place of the processed "flavored" stuff. You also get a lot more for you money buying original Cheerio's.

I think I posted a photo of Nachos on here before, but these are from tonight, a request for the season opener of the NFL season. The cheese sauce is made with organic milk and real cheeses. No processed rubbery crap. Have you seen the stuff after it's been melted and cooled enough to set up again. Awful!! You can use it as a rubber ball. I refuse to ingest it knowing how hard it would be to digest it. No thanks!

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  1. I just stuffed my face with pizza - I was SO starving that I just gorged and now I'm suffering a gut ache! :(

    Those nacho's look Yummy! :D